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Since 2010, Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with SportsAid to provide support to Britain’s brightest prospects.
In partnership with the UK’s national charity for young sports talent, SportsAid, the Jaguar Land Rover Academy of Sport is an initiative which aims to recognise, celebrate and inspire the next generation of British sporting talent through a world class mentoring programme.
The Academy provides bursaries to 50 young and inspirational able-bodied and disabled athletes every year, who are recognised as being top of their game.

As well as offering financial support, a mentoring and education programme provides these Rising Star athletes with the non-financial support they need to help them on their road to success. The programme includes exclusive workshops and performance focus groups, tailored to the needs of each young athlete, with the opportunity to learn from world-class competitors at inspiring British sporting arenas.

Athletes of all ages are inspired and motivated to pursue their goals with the help of a close support network. Jaguar Land Rover understand how fundamental individual mentoring is to success, and provide athletes with the support and inspiration they need for their journey ahead.

Over 300 Rising Star athletes have been awarded with an Academy bursary since 2010, and 35% of Jaguar Land Rover Academy athletes have progressed to professional, world class funding. One athlete in particular has since become an Olympic medal winner, Jade Jones, who won Gold at the Olympic Games in 2012 in Tae Kwando and was one of the first recipients of a Jaguar Land Rover Academy bursary in 2010. “

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