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We are constantly developing our manufacturing processes to make them as efficient and innovative as our cars.

  • We reduce energy use with programmes such as the Castle Bromwich building energy management system, saving 830 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

  • We cut waste with initiatives that include the £235,000 closed loop recycling system at the Castle Bromwich press shop, which has seen waste to landfill fall by 70%.

  • We conserve water with schemes such as the Castle Bromwich paint shop recycling programme, saving an estimated 37,000m3 of water per year.

  • And while some emissions inevitably remain, we offset 100% of the CO2 created by manufacturing assembly, as part of our global CSR programme.
Find out more about our Global CSR programme

We go the extra mile to cut transport emissions.

Together, Jaguar components and materials travel around 25 million miles to reach our plants. To combat the environmental impact of this, we choose local suppliers wherever possible. We also play an active role in helping our transport partners meet sustainability goals – from encouraging the use of more efficient trucks to training drivers in conserving fuel.

New Jaguar cars are then distributed to retailers in 177 different countries. We also work hard to drive down emissions at this stage of the process. Designing lighter weight vehicles reduces the loads our logistics partners carry. Then, wherever possible, we switch transportation from road to rail and sea. We also reduce the number of journeys to UK retailers by sharing deliveries with other manufacturers and operating our own railhead from Castle Bromwich.

Find out more about our railhead here