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We’re committed to balancing the most breathtaking and efficient Jaguar range ever with sound environmental credentials throughout the life cycle.

Take a closer look at our design strategy:

Powertrain Efficiency and Aerodynamics

Boosting engine efficiency, improving aerodynamics and transmissions, and reducing tyre friction all dramatically increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

See more examples of efficiency in our corporate sustainability report

Lightweight Materials

We pioneered the use of recycled aluminium in our cars’ body structures. Aluminium forms the basis of our sensational sports cars and saloons, reducing bodyweight by around 40% compared to a steel-bodied equivalent.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid and electric technology can help achieve significantly lower tailpipe emissions and is at the heart of future lower carbon, sustainable vehicles.

We’re leading the way for energy efficient, premium vehicles. XJ_e delivers 70–75% lower CO2 emissions compared to our non-hybrid models but still delivers a top speed of 155mph (250km/h), with breathtaking acceleration taking you from 0-60mph in under six seconds.

See our hybrid technologies in action here