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You’ll find the handbook for your Jaguar here for easy reference, along with a range of How-To videos and other documents to help you get the most from your car. You can also download owner and technical information for past and current models from our owner information website.

AdBlue™ is a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) which enables Selective Catalytic Reduction to take place. This process helps Jaguars with diesel engines comply with stringent Euro 6 standards by reducing harmful emissions.

Jaguar Service Plans include complimentary AdBlue™ top-ups during regular servicing or between service cycles at any JLR retailer.

Most drivers will need to have the AdBlue™ levels in their Jaguar topped up inbetween services. The tank size varies by model, but you can drive anywhere between 5,000 to 9,400 miles before a refill is needed (depending on driving style). Levels of AdBlue™ in your vehicle must be maintained, and several dashboard warnings will be displayed if low levels of DEF are detected. For manual top-ups, JLR-approved AdBlue™ is recommended and can be purchased from JLR retailers.

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